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Birch Class


Information for September 2020:

Question and answer sheet for Birch class for return to school         

Arrival and pick up:

Children will be collected and dismissed by the back car park gate.  

You must remain prompt for drop off and pick up.

Birch class arrival time: 8.40am

Birch class collection time:3.10pm

Who are Birch class? 

Birch class is a mixed year group class of 32 year 3 and year 4 pupils.

Where will Birch classroom be?

Birch classroom will be located in the current year 1 (pine class) room, where Mrs Clarke and Mrs Hurst currently teach.  Our previous birch class is a very small classroom so it has been necessary for birch class and pine class to swap classrooms this year.

Who are the teachers?

Mrs Barnes and Mrs Bearman are a jobshare team, Mrs Barnes will teach on Monday and Tuesdays and alternate Friday mornings and Mrs Bearman will teach Wednesday and Thursday and alternate Friday mornings.  Mrs Bower will teach on Friday afternoons.

Will Birch class have a teaching assistant?

Yes, Mrs Ann Barnard will be the Birch class teaching assistant, Monday to Friday.

Will we have to wear school uniform in September?

Yes, we are back at school in September in full school uniform.  A copy of our school uniform policy is available on our school website. If you need any school uniform, this can be ordered online from https://kidsandcodirect.co.uk/st-nicholas-c-of-e-primary-school-83-c.asp and PE kit and ties can be ordered through the school office via the teachers2parents app.

What key stage is my child in?

Your child has now completed the ‘infant’ phase of their education or Key Stage one.  They will be in Key Stage 2.

What provision will be made to keep pupils and staff safe from Covid-19?

When we return to school in September, things will be a little different.  Government guidance recommends that each class becomes its own bubble and each bubble stays in its own zoned area in the school.  This will be our classroom.  Pupils will eat their lunches in class and members of staff will not mix bubbles.  There will be staggered start and finish times for each class and each class will have its own entry and exit gate.  Each class will have a staggered lunch and break time so they do not mix with other classes or adults.  The teachers and TA will supervise the lunch hour.  Further details about this will follow.


Assemblies will be delivered to the classroom remotely. There is an increased cleaning regime and children will be expected to wash and sanitise their hands regularly throughout the school day.  Pupils will not share equipment with other pupils.  They will be provided with their own learning pack in a zippy wallet containing everything they need for their lessons. Pencil cases will not be allowed in school.  Currently, computing will not take place due to the fact that the laptops and ipads are shared resources. Government guidance is constantly changing so as and when these rules change, we will change accordingly.  PE will be taught by class teachers, rather than PE specialist teachers and will take place outside, weather dependent.  PE kit will need to be in school everyday so that we can do PE on days that suit the weather!


What will my child need to bring into school?

Historically, when pupils enter KS2 they are allowed to bring a backpack to school rather than a bookbag.  However, in September, currently we are not allowed to send reading books home and so there is no real need for pupils to bring a bag to school.  However, as and when restrictions relax during the year, pupils will be allowed to bring in a backpack to school instead of a bookbag.

Pupils are not allowed to bring in their own pencil case as all equipment they need will be provided by the school.

If they are packed lunch, they will need to bring their own lunch box and fruit snack for breaktime.  They will need to bring a bottle of water that will be sent home everyday to be refilled. Proper water bottles should be refilled, refilling disposable ones should not happen due to the risk of bacterial infection. If it is a hot day, please ensure that a high factor sunscreen is applied before school to minimise the need to reapply at school.  Staff are not allowed to apply suncream. PE kit will need to be in school every day.

Will my child still be provided with a fruit or vegetable snack at playtime?

Unfortunately, no.  The government grant for a free healthy snack in EYFS and KS1 ends when a pupil leaves year 2.  Please provide a fruit or vegetable snack for pupils separate to their lunch.

Can my child have a hot meal at school?

Unfortunately, due to the current situation, our school kitchen is not able to offer hot food.  However, a packed lunch can be provided by the school kitchen that the pupils will eat in their classroom.  Now your child is in Key stage 2, school meals are no longer free, unless your child is eligible for free school meals.  You can pay for school dinners via the teachers2parents app.

My child is anxious about the return to school, what can I do to support him/her?

If you feel your child might find it particularly difficult to return to school in September, please do get in touch as soon as possible.  We will be able to offer additional support to ease the transition.  We are currently in the process of organising some transition resources that we will provide for all pupils as it will understandably be difficult for pupils who have been out of school for so long.

I am worried my child is behind after being out of school for so long, how can we help him/her catch up?

Teaching staff have received remote training from Vine leaders in education this term outlining the areas of learning to focus on to ensure that the essential content of last year’s curriculum that may have been missed is caught up.  We are ensuring that the key performance indicators are covered for English and maths. 


What will you do to support my pupil’s mental health and wellbeing?

We are planning lots of fun activities for September including a whole school topic on George’s Marvellous medicine for the first two weeks of term which will focus on pupils wellbeing.  We intend to have lots of PSHCE activities, bubble time and circle time so that we can really support how children are feeling about the return to school.  We are working on the Vine strategy to ‘nourish, nurture and flourish.’

What will my children be learning in the next academic year?

In year three, modern foreign languages becomes part of the national curriculum and pupils will begin to learn Spanish in addition to all other subjects.

We teach using a topic -based approach so the whole of KS2 (year3-6) will cover that topic together at the same time and pupils access the topic at their own level.  This is based on our history and geography programme of study.  In the next academic year, we will cover prehistoric Britain, The Tudors and our local area as part of the history curriculum and North America, South America and ‘Where does our food come from?’ as part of the Geography topic.  We run six half-termly topics a year.

Is there anything I can do to support my child over the summer holidays?

We appreciate that teaching and working from home since March has been a juggle and stressful for many families, so please so use this time to have a well-deserved rest as you would usually.

Some parents have asked the school for ideas of things to do during the summer holidays so we will be putting together a list of activities and weblinks that you could dip into if you want to.  If you want to keep their skills ticking over, you can buy some inexpensive work books for their year group.  I highly recommend the CPG weekly workouts.

Years three and four very important years for learning your timestables, so any practice you can do at home to support this would be great.

And finally and most importantly, read, read, read, read!  Read for pleasure and read for enjoyment! Get lost in a book! Travel the world in a book! If you do anything to support your child’s education, reading regularly has such a massive impact on every area of your child’s education as it underpins so much.  Please see the attached list of recommended reads for year 3 and year 4.

Can I send in hand sanitiser?

Individual hand sanitiser will not be allowed in school (other than those identified children with allergies). We will be washing hands regularly and this will be monitored and supervised, our handwashing routine includes the use of the school hand sanitiser.


We hope that this sheet has answered any of the questions you might have and reassure you for a positive start back to school in September.  If you have any other questions or queries, please do not hesitate to email us or contact the school via telephone.  We will do our best to answer them and support you.


Have a lovely summer,

Best wishes,

Mrs Bearman and Mrs Barnes